- Increasing Knowledge, Quality of Life and Results in the Gym!

"Ive been working out with Cameron for two years, and Im amazed at how much of a difference having his help has made. Ive been active in sports my whole life, but when I decided to get really serious about fitness, I wanted the help of a trainer. I initially chose Cameron because I saw how friendly and respectful he was of his other clients, and I knew I wanted someone who would bring a positive energy to the workouts. Cameron pushes me harder than I would push myself, but Ive never felt pressured to do anything Im not comfortable with.  Cameron is an expert at learning what someone is capable of, then customizing a plan that pushes those limits a little bit at a time. With Camerons help Ive gained 30lbs of muscle, lost 10lbs of fat, added 100lbs to my max bench press, can now do 20 pull-ups, and ran my first half marathon. However, the real accomplishment in all this is the improvement to my confidence and self esteem. I dont even recognize the old me anymore."

Doug and Loretta:
"Personal Training has improved Doug's & Loretta's:  marriage relationship, productivity at work and the quality of life. 

At the end of each work out Cameron will inform my husband Doug and me of the process of mastering a new level.  Often I am surprised that I did more because my strength and endurance has improved.
Cameron gives positive affirmations throughout the work out and I feel like a winner.
My husband is better aware of my growth because of Cameron's affirmations, so now Doug also gives me affirmations.
I also get to be impressed by Doug's abilities and growth and I give my husband affirmations.
When we leave the gym we are cheering each others successes.
We see going to a personal trainer as a "date for our marriage to be more wonderful".
We sleep better, eat and drink healthier and have more energy for fun.
Other people will stop us at the gym or elsewhere and comment that they enjoy seeing us workout together.
Most people think we are newlyweds or only married a few years, but we are high school sweet hearts."


"Cameron is an awesome trainer! He introduced me to weight training. I only did cardio before and the change in my body is great! I feel strong and fit thanks to him. I like that he's ready to get going as soon as your appointment starts. He wastes no time! He's my first personal trainer I've had and will continue having. I was in a bad accident a couple years ago also and my left side was affected. He's helped me with that recovery with no judgment. Highly recommended!"


"It has been over a year since Beth and I started training with Cameron. Our experience has been a great one! We actually enjoy coming to the gym on our days we are working out with Cameron.
Cameron has brought a different attitude and mind set to our workouts which keep us coming back!
Cameron has been very aware of our limits and has pushed us ever so gently to increase our physical abilities!!
I know we are better off having him training us.
Now, if only he could tag along with me 24 hours per day, I could get my eating habits under control!"


"I tore my meniscus in my right knee a year and a half ago and put on about an extra 25 pounds by the time surgery was completed.  Being in my mid 50s, I found myself stuck in an exercise routine that was not effective anymore and decided I needed to try a personal trainer for a few months to give me some new ideas. I had noticed Cameron at my GB3 club for a while and felt he demonstrated the most attentive and instructive sessions to his clients.  I was not wrong in my assessment of him or his services.  Cameron is always prepared, on time, instructive and professional.  I especially appreciate that he is 100% focused on my workout making sure the proper technique is being done while helping me push through goals or limits I never thought possible.  His advice with diet and weight loss goals will get you to where you want to be.  My strength is now back as if I was 30 again and I must say my wife of 23 years LOVES the new me!  Cameron continues to be one of the best investments I continue to make. Dont waste your time with other trainers; start with the best and give Cameron a call right NOW!"

"I started working with Cameron several years ago.  What I quickly figured out was that I was in terrible shape. While Cameron was mindful of this, he did not give me much slack and had me improving my strength and stamina in no time.
Cameron is very motivational. 
If you are like me, excuses are a dime a dozen. Cameron is able to keep you on track, holds you accountable and keeps you motivated. 
I would recommend Cameron to anyone looking to get into shape, or take the next step to get into better shape."

"I transferred to Cameron from another trainer. I thought I was very strong and just needed to maintain the fitness I had achieved. I was greatly surprised that I wasn't as strong as I thought I was.  I had several physical problems that Cameron helped me with. His assistance helped me heal quicker than expected. His knowledge of muscles, body movement, strength and diet always amazes me. He makes me work hard and manages to make it fun."

Herb and Joan:
"After training with Cameron for the past 1.5 years, we have found our fitness level much improved. Cameron is knowledgeable, systematic, encouraging and always cognizant of any areas of concern that we bring to his attention. His good humor, coupled with his prodding, keep the workouts enjoyable. He keeps a performance record which enables him to monitor our progress. My wife and I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone seeking a workout experience that achieves positive results. The fact that he is punctual but also flexible has added to our positive experience with Cameron."